Design of Trunnion Titanium Ball Valve

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Titanium is widely used in chemical industry, medicine and health, salt making, chlor alkali, aviation and other leading cities because of its good mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance. In chemical industry, it is mainly used as pressure vessel, transmission pipeline and pump valve. Among them, iron fixed ball valve is widely used in petroleum and chemical industries because of its good sealing, excellent corrosion resistance and adaptability to high working pressure. At present, there is no fixed titanium ball valve in China, only floating titanium ball valve. In the world, only a few countries such as the United States, Germany and Japan can produce fixed titanium ball valves. In order to meet the requirements of high working pressure, good sealing and good corrosion resistance in the petrochemical industry, and expand the application range of titanium materials, the fixed titanium ball valves have been designed and developed. DN80, DN50, Dn40, DN25 have been developed, The fixed titanium ball valve with a pressure of up to 9.8MPa fills the domestic gap, lays a foundation for mass production, and provides technical and material guarantee for the localization and transformation of corrosion-resistant equipment in large petrochemical enterprises.

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