Features of Jacketed Ball Valve

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Insulation ball valve, also known as jacketed ball valve, is a metal jacketed welded on the basis of the ball valve, which is used to inject steam or other insulation and cold preservation media to ensure that the media in the valve can work normally. According to the different structure of the ball valve, the insulation ball valve has several structural forms, such as integral insulation ball valve, two-piece insulation ball valve, wafer insulation ball valve, etc. the insulation ball valve has good insulation and cold insulation characteristics, with the pain diameter of the valve consistent with the pipe diameter, and can effectively reduce the medium heat loss of the pipeline. It is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, food and other systems to transport high viscosity media that will solidify at room temperature. The thermal insulation ball valve has good thermal insulation and cold insulation characteristics. Except for the reduced diameter thermal insulation ball valve, the medium flows in a straight line when the size and diameter of the valve reach the same, and the resistance is small, which can effectively reduce the heat loss of the medium in the pipeline. Therefore, it has excellent performance for the liquid medium that is easy to solidify and has high viscosity. Except for the two-piece insulation ball valve, the valve body adopts the integral jacket design, which can be more evenly insulated and cold. The jacket and the outside of the valve body are welded with the jacket nozzle, and the maximum allowable pressure of steam or cold water is 1MPa.

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