Structural Features of Ball Valve

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In order to meet different needs of customers,we provide two serries of ball valves ,full bore and reduced bore ball valve .The channel inner diameter of full bore ball valves is consistent with the inner diameter of pipeline,which can not only minimize the fluid resistance but also facilitate pipeline cleaning.The fluid resistance of necked bore ball valves is much less than that of the globe valve with the same caliber while its weight is 30%lighter than ball valve with the same caliber .As result ,it can effectively reduce both the production cost and price ,and is relatively widely uesd.


The stem is downloading ,with its inverted sealingstructure with sealing gasket.The fore of inverted sealing struct willincrease while the medium pressure in the valve cavity increasing of the valve cavity increases to ensure the sealing effect of the stem. In case of abnormal pressure increasing of the valve cavity ,the stem won’t be impacted out .The filler is designed with proper V-shaped structure,which can effectively conver the medium pressure inside the valve cavity and the locking force of outer gland into the sealing force of stem.


According to the user's requirement,the ball valve can be designed with fire-resistant stucture.In case of a fire and the sealing ring is damaged,every sealing part of the ball valve can form the structure of metal-to-metal hard seal,which can prevent the spreading of both the media and fire.


For valve installed outdoor,those preventing improper operation of non-workers and valves,of which collision of its stem in relatively violent vibration occasions easily causes improper operation,a locking bore can be set in the fully open position or fully closed position and a lock can be used if needed,for the purpose of security insurance.


According to the user's requirement,the ball valve can be designed with anti-static structure;namely,fix the conductive spring between the ball and stem as well as stem and valve body,to enable the static generated when opening the valve to be transmitted to the pipeline through static channel and conducted underground and finally eliminate the static.It can prevent the static ignition form lighting the medium to ensure safety of the system.

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