Working Principle of Pneumatic Plastic Ball Valve

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Working Principle

Pneumatic plastic ball valve adopts double by-pass socket connection, which can be assembled quickly without using special tools. It has the advantages of compact structure, wear resistance, easy disassembly, convenient maintenance, simple and easy maintenance, etc. The valve body of pneumatic plastic ball valve is made of sanitary and non-toxic materials, with strong corrosion resistance, light weight and a wide range of applications, such as pure water and raw drinking water pipeline system, drainage and sewage pipeline system, salt water and seawater pipeline system, acid-base and chemical solution system and many other industries.

Product features

1. The pneumatic plastic ball valve adopts a two-way double command structure, which can be used as a command and a valve at the same time. The ball valve can be closed, the command can be removed, and the engineering maintenance of the rear section can be carried out without stopping the equipment pipeline in the front section.

2. The valve body of pneumatic plastic ball valve has excellent chemical corrosion resistance. There is FPM or EPDM "O" ring at the leading end, which can prevent the corrosion of most chemicals with the use of PTFE cushion.

3. The tightness of the cushion can be adjusted appropriately. The pipe wall is clean and smooth, with small friction resistance and adhesion when transporting fluid.

4. The flame retardancy of pneumatic plastic ball valve is self extinguishing. Low heat conductivity, about 1/200 of steel. Light weight, equivalent to 1/5 of steel pipe and 1/6 of copper pipe.

5. The content of heavy ions in the medium reaches the standard of ultra pure water, and the sanitary indicators meet the requirements of national sanitary standards.

6. Excellent aging resistance and UV resistance make the normal service life much longer than that of other pipeline systems.


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