Precautions for Titanium Valve Selection

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Titanium valves mainly use titanium materials to have good stability and self passivation ability of oxidation film in strong corrosive environment, which can resist strong corrosion under various harsh working conditions.

Whether the titanium valve can resist the corrosion of the working environment medium depends on the chemical stability of the "passive oxide film" on its surface in the corrosive medium. For neutral, oxidizing and weakly reducing media, the "passive oxide film" itself has good stability. For reductive corrosive media with high temperature or low pH value, in order to improve the stability of "passive oxide film", corrosion inhibitors (such as air, water, heavy metal ions and anions) can be added, such as ion modification treatment and anodization treatment on the surface of titanium, so as to improve the corrosion resistance and surface hardness of "titanium" in reductive media to meet the application requirements.

Titanium valve should not be used for red smoke nitric acid with concentration > 98% or containing > 6% free NO2;

Titanium valve should not be used in dry chlorine with water content less than 1.5%, and natural explosion will occur in pure oxygen (PO2 > 35%);

For corrosive media containing hydrogen, in addition to considering corrosion, titanium valves should pay full attention to the harm of hydrogen to hydrogen embrittlement of titanium valves;

The point gap and stress corrosion tendency in corrosive medium shall be fully considered for titanium valve;

The service temperature of titanium valve should not exceed 330 ℃. When it exceeds 330 ℃, it is recommended to use temperature resistant titanium alloy material.

When selecting valve materials, the working temperature, composition, concentration and water content of corrosive medium under working conditions shall be fully considered. Special consideration shall be given to the point gap and stress corrosion tendency of Titanium Valve in working conditions, natural explosion, and catastrophic damage factors such as hydrogen embrittlement caused by hydrogen absorption of titanium due to various reasons. It is strictly prohibited to use titanium valves in working conditions where the above damage may occur. Titanium valve, titanium ball valve, titanium gate valve.

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