Ball Valve Maintenance And Maintenance Details

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Ball valve is a kind of universal valve widely used in the valve. It has a large amount of usage and consumes quickly. Therefore, reasonable maintenance is very necessary. Reasonable maintenance can not only improve work efficiency, but also reduce repair time and save replacement cost. ,

1. Before use, the overflow part of the pipe and valve body should be washed with water first to prevent residual iron scraps and other debris from entering the inner cavity of the valve body.

2. When the ball valve is in the closed state, if there is still some medium inside the valve body, it will also bear a certain pressure. Before repairing the ball valve, first close the shut-off valve before the ball valve, and then open the part of the ball valve that needs to be repaired, so as to completely release the internal pressure of the valve body. If it is to repair the electric ball valve or pneumatic ball valve, you should first disconnect the power supply and air supply.

3. As usual, the soft seal ball valve uses tetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as the seal material, and the hard seal ball valve seal surface is made of metal. If the pipe ball valve needs to be washed, it must be carefully guarded against damage by breaking the sealing ring.

4. When the flange cast steel ball valve is disassembled and assembled, the bolts and nuts on the flange should be firm first, and then all the nuts should be tightened tightly, and finally the strength is firm. If the individual nuts are forcibly fastened first and then firmly tightened with other nuts, the surface of the flange will be damaged or broken due to unevenness in the surface, resulting in leakage of the media from the valve flange.

5. If the valve is washed, the solvent used must not be debated with the accessories to be washed. If it is a gas ball valve, you can use gasoline to wash. Like other parts, you can usually wash your clothes with water. When washing, thoroughly clean the remaining dust, oil and other attachments, such as clean water can not be washed and cleaned, can be targeted to do with the washing agent such as alcohol, without damaging the body and parts. . After the washing is completed, the washing agent is completely volatilized and the apparatus is held.

6. If there is a small leak at the packing of the invention during the course of use, the stem nut can be tightened slightly, and the tightness of the stem nut can be avoided until the leak is stopped.

7. Stored in the open air for a long time will cause the valve body and components to rust, and cannot be used normally. Ball valve should be stored rainproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, and cover the flange. Storage valves that exceed 12 months of use should be retested during use to ensure stable performance.


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