Careful Attention When Using A Butterfly Valve

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The pinch butterfly valve is especially suitable for the place where the space is narrow or the distance between the pipes is short. When the butterfly valve is completely opened, the thickness of the butterfly plate is the only resistance when the medium flows through the valve body, so it can be reduced very small by the pressure produced by the valve, so it has a better flow control characteristic. Let us explain what are the precautions before installing butterfly valves.

The careful incident before the clamp butterfly valve placement

1. Before setting up the operation, wash the outer parts of the piping with air spray, and clean the pipes inside with clean water.

2, carefully check whether the valve utilization environment is consistent with its performance; (temperature, pressure)

3, check the valve passage and sealing surface whether there are debris, and real-time cleaning;

4. After opening the valve, the valve should be placed in real time. Do not rotate any fastening screws or nuts on the valve at will.

5. Butterfly valve flanges must be used for clip butterfly valves.

6, electric butterfly valve can be placed in the pipeline of arbitrary angle, so it is not necessary to reverse placement for maintenance convenience.

7, the butterfly valve flange in the installation must ensure that the flange and seal rubber pair, screw even tighten, the seal face of the butterfly valve must be fully fitted; if the screw tightened strength is uneven, the phenomenon of rubber bulge stuck to the butterfly plate, or the butterfly plate of the butterfly valve, will lead to the leakage of the stem.

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