Characteristics Of Knife Gate Valve

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1) the knife type gate valve adopts the clamp structure, which has compact structure, small volume, light weight, small space, easy to install, open the power saving of the shutoff valve, and reduce the labor strength of the maintenance workers.

2) the bottom end of the knife gate valve is the shape of the blade, and it has the function of cutting off the material, fiber and sundries. It is not easy to block the gate, and it has good opening and closing functions.

3) reasonable sealing surface and packing seal design, making valve seal reliable.

4) the gate has several supporting points, so that the gate has a good self alignment.

5) a hard polytetrafluoroethylene scraper is installed on the upper end of the knife plate, which prevents dust, sand and other scraping substances from entering the stuffing box and improves the service life of the gate.

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