Product description Hard sealing flange ball valve is used in the oil, natural gas, coal and ore mining, refining and processing and pipeline transportation systems; In the production of chemical pro
Port size
2"~36" (DN50~DN900)
Trunnion mounted ball
-20~150ºC, -40~450ºC
Body material
A105 LF2 F304 F316 F316L or others
Flange or others
For high pressure medium

Product description

Hard sealing flange ball valve is used in the oil, natural gas, coal and ore mining, refining and processing and pipeline transportation systems; In the production of chemical products, medicine and food; In the power production system of hydropower, thermal power and nuclear power; Hard sealing ball valve is used in water supply and drainage, heat supply and gas supply systems of cities and industrial enterprises; In the drainage and irrigation system of farmland; Hard sealing ball valve is an important mechanical product closely related to production construction, national defense construction and people's life. Ball valves are used in various pipeline systems to cut off or connect the medium flow, so that the medium can be transported to each designated point according to the predetermined procedure.


The metal seated ball valve is used to cut off or connect the media in various pipelines. It is suitable for severe service conditions containing solid granules, slurry, coal power, cinder and etc.


1. Advanced Ball And Seat Hardening Technology

The ball and seat of the metal seated ball valve absolutely adopts the sealing mode of metal to metal. According to different service conditions and requirements of users, various advanced ball and seat hardening technologies can be adopted, including HVOF coating, nickel-base alloy spray welding, high nickel alloy spray welding, nickel-base alloy tungsten carbide alloy spray welding, cobalt-base hard alloy spray welding, etc. Generally, the heat resistance of the sealing face material can reach 540℃~60 with the maximum value of 980℃. The sealing face material has also good wear resistant and impact resistant performances.

2. Flexible Valve Opening And Closing

Under the service condition of high temperature, the ball and seat will expand too much because of thermal expansion, and thus causing that the valve cannot be opened. The ball valve adopts the disc spring or spring loaded sealing structure so that thermal expansion of parts under high temperature can be absorbed by the disc spring or spring, and it is ensured that the valve will be flexibly opened and closed under high temperature without expanding too much under high temperature.

3. Fireproof Structure Design

In the metal to metal sealing structure for the valve, the gasket is the stainless steel + flexible graphite and the packing is the flexible graphite. Therefore, reliable sealing of the valve can be ensured even in case of fire.

4. Double Block And Bleed(metal Seated Trunnion Ball Valve)

The metal seated trunnion ball valve usually adopts the sealing structure before the ball. When the valve is closed and the middle cavity is emptied through the discharge valve, the upstream and downstream seats will independently block the fluid at the inlet and outlet to realize double block function.

The metal seated floating ball valve usually adopts the sealing structure after the ball. Unidirectional sealing is generally adopted with flow direction marked on the body. If users have special requirements, bidirectional sealing structure can be adopted.

5. Reliable Sealing Performance

The unique ball grinding technology is adopted. Through rotation of the ball and the grinder at different positions, the ball surface will achieve high roundness and fineness. The low pressure sealing of valve seat is realized by spring pre-tightening. In addition, the position effect of valve seat is designed reasonably, which realizes high pressure sealing by the pressure of the medium itself. The sealing level of the valve meets the requirement of level IV B16.104.

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